Announcement: Practice Organization email listserv up and running

The Committee for the Advance of Professional Practice Chair Kathleen Brown invites Practice Organization members to join.

Dear Practice Organization Members,

Welcome to the second iteration of the APA Practice Organization listserv, APAPRACTICEORG, which allows all members of the Practice Organization to communicate directly with each other about many topics related to our guild interests and psychologists’ practice. This includes pocket-book issues and sharing your knowledge and real-life experiences about the business of practice. These are topics that cannot be discussed on an APA listserv due to APA’s tax status as a charitable organization, within the limits of antitrust laws.

We learned a lot from our first try at a listserv back in March. This is now an opt-in, "reply as default" listserv. So you get to choose if you want to participate and whether you wish to respond to only one person or the entire list.

To opt in and access listserv rules and information, visit the Practice Organization Governance webpage. While you’re on this webpage, you can learn more about the governance structure of the Practice Organization and the role of the Committee for the Advance of Professional Practice (CAPP). It’s my hope that this new listserv will serve as a mechanism for Practice Organization members to communicate directly with each other and your elected leaders.

The APAPRACTICEORG listserv is exclusively for members of the Practice Organization. Membership to the Practice Organization will be verified as part of the opt-in process. Whether you paid Practice Organization dues for 2016, are first time Practice Organization members who just paid 2017 dues, or you’ve decided to come back after not being a Practice Organization member for a few years, I welcome you to the listserv and look forward to chatting with you. If you are not currently a member and would like to join, please see our membership information.

Kathleen (Kate) S. Brown, PhD
Chair, Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice
APA Practice Organization

P.S.: The APA Practice Organization, a legally separate companion to the American Psychological Association, advocates to protect practitioners’ economic and marketplace interests. Membership to the Practice Organization is in addition to APA membership.