Complete Guide to Medicare for Psychologists

New online resource exclusively for Practice Organization members covers the nuts and bolts of enrollment and reimbursement for services.

The Practice Organization is offering a new online toolkit for psychologists who are currently Medicare providers or considering becoming one. The new Complete Guide to Medicare for Psychologists provides a range of information and practical steps to help practitioners navigate this federal insurance program, including:

  • How to enroll, update or opt out.
  • What psychological services Medicare covers.
  • Billing for psychological services, testing and assessment.
  • A centralized list of testing and health and behavior codes.

The guide also provides an overview of the federal program and current news and updates on Medicare specific to psychologists and their practices.

“Whether you’re a current Medicare provider, an early career psychologist building a practice or a mid-career psychologist interested in diversifying your patient base, this new resource is designed to provide easy, hands-on guidance from enrollment, to billing and getting paid for services,” says Katherine C. Nordal, PhD, executive director for professional practice.

Medicare is one of the largest insurance programs in the U.S. with 55 million beneficiaries and a projected enrollment of 92 million people by 2050. Total Medicare spending per year is more than $471 billion. In addition to furnishing the majority of mental and behavioral health diagnostic services in Medicare, psychologists provide beneficiaries with 40 percent of outpatient and 70 percent of inpatient psychotherapy services.

The Complete Guide to Medicare is a Practice Organization membership benefit available on the Practice Central website.