Free webinars on the Physician Quality Reporting System available for psychologists

Visit the APAPO PQRSPRO registry website to sign up today.

Healthmonix, the APA Practice Organization’s (APAPO) partner in creating the APAPO PQRSPRO registry, is hosting a series of webinars to assist psychologists in meeting 2015 Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) reporting requirements. The webinars will focus on key topics such as getting started with a registry, group reporting and the Measure Applicability Validation (MAV) process.

The webinars are open to all Medicare providers, not just those who have registered with APAPO PQRSPRO, and are offered at various times during the day and early evening. Psychologists are invited to suggest additional topics for future APAPO PQRSPRO webinars. Suggestions can be submitted to Healthmonix online.

Psychologists who have never used registry reporting are encouraged to participate to learn more about the benefits of registry reporting versus claims reporting.

The APAPO PQRSPRO webinars currently scheduled for 2015 include:

  • Getting Started with PQRSPRO — Provides a learning opportunity for those new to PQRS by explaining the capacity of the registry plus offering valuable tips for reporting.
  • The Anatomy of a Measure — You know what a measure refers to in psychology but do you understand what a measure is for purposes of PQRS reporting? Find out here.
  • Why Does PQRS Exist, and Where is PQRS Going? — In addition to providing a history of the PQRS program this webinar explores the future of quality reporting in Medicare. This webinar will include a live demonstration of PQRSPRO and will allow audience members to ask questions in real time.
  • Measure Application Validation (MAV) — Learn how you can still successfully report when you can’t find nine measures across three domains or a measures group to report.
  • Eligibility 101 — This webinar examines the individual measures reporting requirements and what is needed to successfully report.
  • Submission and Data Review — Learn how to finalize your data for submission and what to expect after you have finished.

View dates and times of all webinars and register online on the APAPO PQRSPRO website. Space is limited, so register early.