Are you taking advantage of the APA Practice Organization discounts program?

APA Director of Membership & Affinity Marketing Tabitha R. Brown, JD, explains the APA Practice Organization’s (APAPO) discounts program and how members can take advantage of these benefits.

What is the Discounts Program?

The Discounts Program is a benefits program operated by APAPO for all APA members and affiliates. The Discounts Program offers a wide variety of competitively priced products and services including financial services, credit card processing, magazine subscriptions, technology, car rentals, hotels, vacation rentals, flowers, gifts, web design, shipping services and office supplies. Current Discounts Program partners include Bank of America, Elavon, Hewlett-Packard, Office Depot, TherapySites, 1-800 Flowers, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Hertz, National, UPS, Wyndham and the Magazine Subscription Program. Similarly, the Corporate Partnership Program provides insurance, financial security and risk management products from The Trust, the sole authorized and preferred provider of insurance products for APA members and affiliates. 

How does the Discounts Program benefit members and the association? 

The Discounts Program means more discounts, more buying power and more value for your membership dues. The Discounts Program allows members and affiliates to save money on products and services you need from brands you trust while supporting the association with every dollar you spend. Some of the partners offer member-only rates, free shipping, no annual fees or minimum order requirements, free upgrades, rewards points, cash back and other specials. The Discounts Program and the Corporate Partnership Program provide vital funding for mission-related projects and initiatives throughout the organization. 

How do members use these benefits?

Using the Discounts Program for the products and services you need and use professionally and personally is simple and convenient. All of the benefits can be accessed online or by calling the partners directly. Members and affiliates can visit the Discounts Program webpage to link directly to the partner pages, telephone numbers, discount or promo codes and other instructions. Members and affiliates can apply, book reservations and order online or by telephone. The Discounts Program partners provide dedicated customer service and customized websites just for APA members and affiliates. Members and affiliates can also call the APA Service Center at (800) 374-2721 for additional assistance with the program.  

Where can members get more information about the Discounts Program?

Members and affiliates should visit the Discounts Program webpage frequently for up-to-date, detailed information about the Discounts Program and Corporate Partnership Program. This page includes links to each of the unique partner pages with telephone numbers, discount or promo codes and other instructions for taking advantage of the many benefits. We also encourage members and affiliates to follow the Discounts Program on Twitter for special, limited-time savings and offers from the partners.

How do you select participating partners?

Many of the current Discounts Program and Corporate Partnership Program partners have been affiliated with the association for 20 years or more. Other partners have been added in recent years as an enhancement to the programs. The participating partners are selected based on member and affiliate survey responses, APA governance recommendations, comparable research of similar professional associations and an in-depth due diligence process. Selecting new participating partners (or renewing agreements with existing partners) can take six to 12 months or more. 

Do you plan to expand the program to include additional products and services?

Yes, we plan to expand the program to include additional products and services and we welcome member feedback and recommendations. The following products and services have been recommended for the Discounts Program: debt repayment/loan management, prescription, pet and health insurance, computer security and identity theft protection, wireless services and wireless products, major appliances and home financing, auto purchasing and professional development tools.  

In addition to adding partners offering new programs and services, some of the current programs have been expanded to include new products and services:

  • Hewlett-Packard now includes discounts on its full consumer store of laptops, desktops, tablets, prints, cameras, accessories and more, instead of its small business sector only. 
  • Elavon now enables members to process credit card payments securely using their iPhone.
  • The Hertz program recently added a free access to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and National Car Rental offers Emerald Club elite for all APA members and affiliates. 
  • Office Depot now provides exclusive discounts on Apple® products including iPad®, iMac® and MacBook Pro®

Please continue to visit the Discounts Program webpage and follow the Discounts Program on Twitter for new products and services in the Discounts Program.

What if members have ideas or recommendations for new partners and programs? 

Members and affiliates can contact the program director, Tabitha R. Brown, JD, by email or at (202) 336-5576 with ideas and feedback concerning the Discounts Program and the Corporate Partnership Program. We also encourage you to participate in the membership surveys asking for ideas and suggestions for the program; there are usually great incentives to participate and your opinion counts.