Deadline looms for 2014 PQRS reporting

Successful reporting entitles participants to final bonus payment, avoidance of future penalty.

There is still time for Medicare providers to report quality measures for 2014 through the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), but providers need to act quickly if they haven’t already submitted the necessary data. 

The APA Practice Organization (APAPO), in collaboration with a leading health care data and technology company named Healthmonix, recently launched an online opportunity for PQRS reporting through a new registry: APAPO PQRSPRO. This new service focuses on PQRS measures used by mental and behavioral health providers. Practitioners can access the registry online.   

Psychologists who participate in PQRS for 2014 using the new APAPO PQRSPRO registry have until Jan. 31 to register and until Feb. 15 to report their data. 2014 is the last year for which providers will earn a bonus payment for successful reporting; the bonus of 0.5 percent for 2014 applies to a provider’s entire Medicare charges for the year. Successful reporting for 2014 also protects Medicare providers from experiencing a 2 percent penalty in 2016.

The two other options for PQRS reporting include using an electronic health record (EHR) system or reporting measures on Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) claims forms. Psychologists who opt to use EHR or Medicare claims for reporting their PQRS data have until Feb. 28 to do so.  

Compared to claims-based reporting, PQRS participants have higher rates of success when reporting through registries and EHRs. CMS data show that claims-based reporting has a 56 percent success rate, compared to the better than 99 percent success rate by Healthmonix, which operates registries for APAPO and other organizations of health care professionals.  

Among the benefits of registry reporting, the APAPO PQRSPRO system automatically calculates and validates your data to ensure successful submission. Further, practitioners should be aware that CMS recently indicated that it will eventually disallow claims-based reporting for PQRS.

Information about how to use the APAPO PQRSPRO registry is available on the registry website, which includes tutorials to guide participants through the reporting process. Registry staff members are available to provide support to participants. 

The registry can be used to submit PQRS measures for 2014 even if you have already submitted a claim to Medicare and have been reimbursed for the related service. If you had been using claims-based reporting for 2014, you have the option of transitioning to APAPO PQRSPRO to help ensure successful reporting. Both methods will be included in your 2014 PQRS feedback report from CMS; the agency will choose the best outcome for your success.

The online APAPO PQRSPRO registry is available at a discounted price of $199 (regularly $299) per provider for each reporting year, with further discounts for group practices with five or more providers.  

Further information about PQRS reporting is available in the accompanying set of brief questions and answers from APAPO based on inquiries from psychologists.