Fact sheets for psychologists and patients

APA members can order 50 free copies of brochures for public education and outreach efforts.

The public does not often realize the breadth of behavioral health issues psychologists are trained to treat. A new American Psychological Association fact sheet series, “How Psychologists Can Help,” provides insight into how psychologists can help patients manage a range of chronic health conditions. 

The latest fact sheet, Getting a good night’s sleep: How psychologists help with insomnia, addresses how psychologists help patients identify underlying stressors and behaviors that may interfere with sleep. This fact sheet is included in the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of the APA Practice Organization’s Good Practice magazine, and is available online through the Psychology Help Center. 

Other available fact sheets cover health issues such as:

The fact sheets are located on the Psychology Help Center and include a downloadable version for printing and distribution through psychologists’ offices or public education activities. Select fact sheets are available in packets of 50 for free to APA members. To order packets, visit the Psychology Help Center.