Advocacy in Action: APA Practice working for you

This video from the APA Practice Organization (APAPO) Executive Director Katherine C. Nordal, PhD, captures several of APAPO's recent activities on behalf of our member psychologists and professional psychology.

This video is the first in an ongoing series of videos highlighting some of the legislative, legal, regulatory and marketplace advocacy efforts of the APA Practice Organization (APAPO) on behalf of our member psychologists.

To watch specific sections of the video, skip to these minute marks:

  • Legislative Priorities:  0:46

  • Medicare Reimbursement:  01:27

  • Medicare’s Physician Definition:  03:01

  • Electronic Health Records:  04:16

  • APAPO-PAC:  04:45

  • Health Care Reform Implementation:  05:12

  • 2013 Psychotherapy Codes:  06:15

  • Legal and Regulatory Advocacy:  06:49

  • Marketplace Advocacy:  08:08

  • Member Guidance on Practice-Related Topics:  09:28

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