Resources for legal and regulatory issues

A collection of documents addressing common member inquiries

By Legal & Regulatory Affairs staff

Oct. 11, 2012—Each year, our Legal & Regulatory Affairs (LRA) staff fields hundreds of calls and emails from APA Practice Organization (APAPO) members on a wide variety of legal issues.

Though LRA’s staff attorneys cannot give legal advice, they provide information and views on unique legal and regulatory issues facing practicing psychologists. LRA attorneys also help members by directing them to appropriate resources from the comprehensive collection of material found on APAPO’s Practice Central website.

The online compilation includes an array of articles frequently sent to members. The ever-growing collection of almost 70 documents written by LRA attorneys for APAPO publications such as PracticeUpdate and Good Practice offers simple practical steps for practitioners to follow. Articles followed by a lock icon on the Practice Central website are available only to Practice Assessment payers. Some of the most popular articles and documents are:

Subpoenas and other requests for records 
HIPAA and patient privacy 
Insurance and managed care 

If you have questions after reading the articles, members are welcome to call LRA attorneys for a more in-depth discussion about the particular situation.

For more information, contact the Legal & Regulatory Affairs department by email or by phone at (202) 336-5886.
Please note: Legal issues are complex and highly fact specific and require legal expertise that cannot be provided by any single article. In addition, laws change over time and vary by jurisdiction. The information in this article does not constitute legal advice and should not be used as a substitute for obtaining personal legal advice and consultation prior to making decisions regarding individual circumstances.