Are you listed in the Psychologist Locator?

Recent enhancements benefit practitioners and the public

By Communications staff

May 24, 2012—If you have not yet created a Psychologist Locator listing, now is the time to do so. New updates have improved Google search results, and all practitioners with a listing now have a custom address that can be used on marketing materials such as a practice brochure or business cards.

The Psychologist Locator — a searchable online database of practitioners — is a members-only free benefit from the APA Practice Organization (APAPO) for practitioners who have paid the 2012 Practice Assessment and for Life Status practitioner members of the American Psychological Association.

The APA Practice Organization (APAPO) has worked to improve the Psychologist Locator to take better advantage of consumers’ growing use of the web to search for health information and services. The Psychologist Locator has been updated and expanded to include enhanced functionality and a wide range of information that can help you get connected with those who are seeking a psychologist.

Recent enhancements include:

  • The ability to add multiple alternative addresses, all of which are searchable 

  • Improved search engine optimization, which will increase the visibility and prominence of Psychologist Locator listings in Google searches 

  • The capability for users to customize the URL or web address associated with their Psychologist Locator listing. This feature can help enhance a practitioner’s marketing materials and web presence.

These and other new features should help consumers looking for a psychologist find a suitable match for their individual needs.

Consumers looking for psychological services can search the Psychologist Locator in a variety of ways, including by geographic location, areas of practice, ages served and insurance accepted. The ability to include a photo and a video in your listing personalizes the content.

APA will soon launch a Psychotherapy Awareness Initiative to inform consumers about the value and effectiveness of psychotherapy. The initiative will drive consumers to APA’s Help Center, where they can search for a psychologist in their area using the Psychologist Locator.

The Psychologist Locator is featured prominently throughout APA’s website and receives more than 10,000 visitors per month. Recent updates related to Google search engine optimization have caused the amount of traffic to the site to increase substantially in the last few months.

Even if you are already listed with other locator services, keep in mind that participating in multiple services can enhance your practice visibility. Further, your participation will more fully populate the Psychologist Locator and make this service even more beneficial for the public.

To create or edit your listing, go to the Psychologist Locator and: 

  1. Select Login (upper right, inside the blue header) 

  2. Login using your APA login ID and Password 

  3. If this is your first time accessing the Locator, you will see a “Welcome Statement/Statement of Purpose” screen that will ask you to consent to terms. If you are a returning customer, you will simply click on “Psychologists — Create/Edit your listing” on the Locator’s main page. 

  4. Your listing will appear. Fill out all information requested. 

  5. Add your photograph at the bottom of the Bio tab. 

  6. Read Frequently Asked Questions for instructions and helpful information.

If you experience any difficulty creating or updating your listing, please email us.