PsycLINK debuts on APACommunities

APA members can use their existing APA account to access the new and improved wiki platform

By Practice Research and Policy staff

March 8, 2012—Since its August 2010 release, PsycLINK*, the practice wiki, has brought members together to share resources, material and experiences germane to clinical practice. The platform has also encouraged discussion regarding contemporary policy issues relevant to psychological science.

In an effort by staff in the APA Practice Directorate and Information Technology Services to make PsycLINK more accessible to and user-friendly for APA members, in December 2011 the resource was migrated into a new wiki.

All APA members will now have access to PsycLINK on through their APA account.

PsycLINK can be accessed through APA Communities. A guide to logging in to PsycLINK can be found online.

As before, members will be able to create content pages, upload documents, and hyperlink to online resources; however, PsycLINK now incorporates new utilities for APA members to use as a part of their wiki experience.

In addition, the revamped PsycLINK offers new tools: Users can now start a blog on the wiki and post polls, as well as track progress and assign tasks on their respective projects.

“As more members contribute material to the wiki, the overall user experience will become more robust, and its usefulness as a repository and exchange of information pertaining to practice will undoubtedly continue to grow,” says APA Assistant Executive Director for Practice Research and Policy Lynn Bufka, PhD.

*Editor's Note: PsycLINK is no longer available for APA use. It went out of production in September 2015.