Help the public find your practice

Be part of the growing community of licensed psychologists listed in our new Psychologist Locator, a free service for practitioners who have paid the 2010 Practice Assessment

by Communications Staff

July 28, 2010 — Have you taken the necessary steps to be included in our completely revamped Psychologist Locator

The Psychologist Locator is a searchable online database of practitioners that is a free service from the APA Practice Organization (APAPO) for members who have paid the 2010 Practice Assessment and for Life Status practitioner members of the APA. Once again, we’re calling on these members to help make this valuable service as fully populated as possible, which is exclusively by psychologists for the benefit of the public. 

Creating your listing is simple; having the online presence is invaluable
APAPO has worked to improve our Psychologist Locator so we can take better advantage of consumers’ growing use of the web to search for health information and services. The Psychologist Locator has been updated and expanded to include a wide range of information that can help you get connected with those who are seeking a psychologist. 

Consumers looking for psychological services will be able to search the Psychologist Locator in a variety of ways, including by geographic location, area of psychologist specialization, ages served and insurance accepted. Now you even have the ability to include a photo and a video in your listing. These and other new features will help consumers looking for a psychologist find the best match for their individual needs.

The Psychologist Locator is featured prominently throughout APA’s website,  So far this year, the site has logged more than six million visits and we expect that number to more than double by the end of the year. 

Even if you are already listed with other locator services, keep in mind that participating in multiple services can enhance your practice visibility.

It takes as little as 10 minutes to create or update your listing. By including your practice in the Psychologist Locator, you are helping the profession ensure that people everywhere can find a qualified psychologist in their community.

If you have been listed in the “old” Psychologist Locator and have paid your 2010 Practice Assessment, you will need to take action now!  If you don’t, your listing will not be included in consumer searches of the new Psychologist Locator. Here’s what you need to do:

To activate and update your old Psychologist Locator listing (or to create a listing for the first time):

  1. Visit the Psychologist Locator 

  2. Click on Login (on the right hand side of the blue Practice Central header at the top of the page) 

  3. Login using your APA login ID and Password
    (If this is the first time you’re accessing the new Locator, the system will take you to a Usage Agreement page where you will need to accept the terms.) 

  4. Enter your Locator information and be a part of the Psychologist Locator

If you experience any difficulty creating or updating your listing, please e-mail us.