2012 APA Presidential Candidate Paul L. Craig, PhD

by Paul L. Craig, PhD 

What are your short-, mid-, and long-term plans to insure the financial stability of the APAPO?

As APA’s Treasurer, I have enjoyed serving ex-officio on the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice (CAPP). Financial stability of our c(6), the APA Practice Organization (APAPO), has been an important focus as Treasurer and will remain a priority if I am elected APA’s President.

Short-term, I am prioritizing propitious investment of APAPO’s reserves to optimize return without placing the principal at risk during these economically volatile times. Mid-term, I would like to help the APAPO identify and pursue sources of non-dues revenue. The HIPPA CE product developed and distributed in partnership with APAIT was an outstanding example of non-dues revenue to fund the important work of the APAPO. Long-term, I am aware that none of APA’s c(3) financial assets can be transferred to or used by the c(6). As President, I would like to explore strategies to increase annual funding of the c(6) to strengthen its capacity to advocate for the practice community.

My broader vision involves moving toward significant enhancement of annual funding for the c(6) by all members of the APA so that all facets of the psychology community (e.g., practice, science and education) could enjoy the benefits of advocacy. As a c(3), the APA’s ability to engage in advocacy is limited. However, if we collectively fund a c(6), all of us under the diverse tent called psychology can benefit from advocacy so that each of us can better serve the public interest through our respective areas of professional focus (e.g., practice, teaching and research).      

What initiatives will you undertake to educate the public about the services of psychologists?

As a member of Council, a former Member-at-Large on the APA Board of Directors and as APA’s current Treasurer, I have been a strident supporter of APA’s Public Education Campaign (PEC). Each dollar spent on the PEC has enjoyed a many-fold return with regard to public awareness about the services psychologists provide. Through the PEC, Americans have become increasingly aware about how psychologists benefit individuals, families, organizations and communities by way of psychology practice.

As APA President, I will support ongoing funding for the PEC and will encourage increased annual funding of this program prospectively. During the economic collapse which began in 2008, my first year as APA’s Treasurer, some highly visible components of the PEC were discontinued (e.g., the announcements on NPR about which I received a lot of positive comments from my non-psychologist friends in Anchorage when these spots were being aired). Everybody within the APA, including the very competent staff managing the PEC, participated in these budget cuts.

As APA’s finances continue to improve, I would like to revisit these discontinued PEC programs. I would also like us to support the staff managing the PEC as they develop new and innovative public education programs consistent with the strategic plans recently adopted by the APA and the APAPO. The Public Education Campaign remains a sterling example of cost-effective use of resources within the APA. As APA’s President, I want to ensure ongoing support of the PEC and also want to expand its reach.

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