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Mental Health Month offers resources, engages the blogosphere

APA offered interviews, podcasts and videos for consumers and bloggers shared their own stories during Mental Health Month in May

By Public Relations Staff

May 31, 2010 — How do I find the right therapist? What are the signs of depression? What mental health services are available at my workplace? In recognition of Mental Health Month, American Psychological Association (APA) staff answered these and other questions for consumers on the Psychology Help Center and promoted mental health writing on the web with a blog party for mental health.

Congress designated May as Mental Health Month in 1949 to illustrate the importance of mental health issues to the overall health and well-being of American citizens. The APA promoted this year’s Mental Health Month with a full slate of activities, including raising awareness about mental health by hosting the first ever Mental Health Blog Party on APA’s public education blog Your Mind Your Body

Bloggers around the country answered the call to dedicate a post to APA’s Mental Health Blog Day Party, on May 18, sharing their stories, tips and personal experiences about mental health to reinforce the shared challenges people face when it comes to managing their health and wellness. The event was promoted heavily on APA’s Facebook page and by APA Help Center on Twitter, generating considerable buzz about the day and raising awareness among those who don’t necessarily follow the participating blogs.

Psychologists and writers with blogs on post-partum depression, migraines and depression, among other topics, dedicated a blog to mental health stigma. The blog party also engaged bloggers who don’t typically write about mental health issues, including parenting blogs. A summary of participants can be found at Your Mind Your Body.

In addition, during Mental Health Month, APA promoted weekly interviews and video presentations by Executive Director for Professional Practice, Katherine C. Nordal, PhD and APA Practice Organization Assistant Executive Director, Marketing and Business Development David Ballard, PsyD, MBA.

These articles and podcasts are available for download and can be shared with your patients and the community:

Dr. Katherine C. Nordal on How Therapy Helps Mental Health Disorders

Dr. Katherine C. Nordal on Mental Health Awareness and Stigma

Dr. Katherine C. Nordal on How to Find a Therapist

A video by Dr. Nordal on the warning signs of depression and identifying when to seek professional help from a psychologist or other mental health professional can be viewed online. A video by Dr. David Ballard on Using Your Mental Health Benefits can also be viewed online.