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New locator helps the public find psychologists

Our new Psychologist Locator, a free service for practitioners who have paid the 2010 Practice Assessment, goes live on May 1

By Communications Staff

April 28, 2010—On May 1, the new Psychologist Locator will go live to the public on the American Psychological Association’s website. Have you taken the necessary steps listed below to be included?

The Psychologist Locator is a free service from the APA Practice Organization (APAPO) for members who have paid the 2010 Practice Assessment and for Life Status practitioner members of the American Psychological Association.  APAPO has provided a locator service for several years.

The Psychologist Locator was recently highlighted as a “comprehensive site” for finding therapists by columnist Amy Dickinson of “Ask Amy,” a nationally syndicated column published in more than 100 newspapers around the country including the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times.

Our new Psychologist Locator has been updated and expanded to include a wide range of information that will help you get connected with those who are seeking psychological services. Increasingly, the American public is tapping the Internet as a source of health–related information and resources such as health professional locator services. The Pew Research Center reported that in 2009 61 percent of American households looked online for health information. 

This trend is just one of the reasons for eligible members to include their practice in the new Psychologist Locator. Creating your listing is simple.

Even if you are already listed with other locator services, keep in mind that participating in more than one service can enhance your practice visibility. Currently, more than 550,000 people visit each month, and we expect that number to grow.

Those seeking psychological services will be able to search the Psychologist Locator  in a variety of ways, including by geographic location, area of specialization, ages served, insurance accepted, and more. Now, you’ll even have the ability to include a photo and a video in your listing. These new features will help consumers looking for a psychologist find the best match for their individual needs.

The existing Psychologist Locator will be deactivated on May 1. Whether your practice has been listed in the existing Psychologist Locator or not, you will be included in the new Psychologist Locator only if you take the following necessary steps. 

To create a listing for the first time, or to update your existing Psychologist Locator listing: 

  1. Go to Psychologist Locator 

  2. Select Login (on the right-hand side of the blue Practice Central banner at the top of the page) 

  3. Login using your APA login ID and Password 

  4. Select Edit Profile (in the upper-right corner in orange under the Shopping Cart) 

  5. Enter your information and be a part of the Psychologist Locator

If you experience any difficulty creating or updating your listing, please e-mail.