Stress survey makes the TV news and the Twittersphere

APA's 2009 survey reached 28 million people around the globe
by Public Relations Staff

November 23, 2009 — With the help of American Psychological Association (APA) members and the public education campaign (PEC) network, the 2009 Stress in America survey made headlines around the globe and — new this year — across the Twittersphere. In just the first few days following its release, the survey reached nearly 28 million people through 850 stories on TV and radio, and in newspapers, blogs and news and health Web sites.

Coverage kicked off on November 3, the morning of the survey's release, with an article in USA Today, "Kids 'absolutely' feel parents' stress, 30% worry about finances." Throughout the day and evening, local NBC affiliates around the nation aired a segment about the survey. APA Executive Director for Professional Practice Katherine C. Nordal, PhD, was quoted in both reports.

This year, the survey took a snapshot of stress in eight major cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and Washington, DC, comparing the changes over the past year. Public education campaign coordinators and state psychological association directors associated with these cities fielded media calls and conducted interviews about stress in their local area. Newspaper coverage included the Denver Post, Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun; other media outlets that reported on the story included local TV news and news radio programs.

Social Media
For the first time, APA used social media to help get the word out about the survey. Members used LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, among other Web sites, to share and discuss survey findings.

Those who couldn't make the survey's release event in New York City tuned in to the PEC's Twitter updates ( of the presentation. As panelists shared the survey with the assembled media and offered advice on how to better manage stress, APAP staff posted brief messages on Twitter in real-time.

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