Call for comments on revision of hospital privileges guidelines

APA's Board of Professional Affairs seeks input from members and the public

by Governance Staff

November 23, 2009 — The Board of Professional Affairs (BPA) seeks member and public comments on Guidelines for Psychological Practice in Health Care Delivery Systems (HCDS), which is the draft revision of Guidelines on Hospital Privileges: Credentialing and Bylaws as developed by the Committee on Professional Practice and Standards (COPPS). The original guidelines were drafted in 1991 and are currently undergoing revision.

Psychologists practice in an increasingly diverse range of health care delivery systems, due to widening recognition of the unique skills of psychologists and value of psychological services, and to rapidly evolving systems in which health care is being delivered. At the same time, psychologists' roles within these settings are also expanding, and interdisciplinary collaboration within health care is becoming commonplace.

These revised guidelines intend to assist psychologists, other health care providers, administrators in health care delivery systems, and the public to conceptualize the roles and responsibilities of psychologists in these diverse contexts.

BPA seeks comments on specific sections, as well as general feedback on the following:

  • Health information technology, electronic health records, and related matters

  • Key considerations for psychological practice within health care delivery systems

  • Current references in this area of psychological practice

  • Overall importance/relevance of these guidelines

Comments are due by February 1, 2010. For further information and to provide your comments, see the online comment form/instructions.

Thank you for your kind efforts to provide feedback and comments on this document.