Call for comments on proposed pharmacological guidelines

by Governance Operations Staff

May 28, 2009 — The Board of Professional Affairs (BPA) seeks comments on the Guidelines Regarding Psychologists’ Involvement in Pharmacological Issues, proposed guidelines drafted by APA Division 55 Task Force on Practice Guidelines.

The proposed guidelines intend to provide a resource on optimal practice in relation to pharmacotherapy and reflect three levels of psychologist involvement: (1) as prescriber; (2) in active collaboration; or, (3) when providing information on medication.

BPA is particularly interested in receiving member and public comments on:

  • Impact of guidelines on psychologists who practice in any of the above-mentioned areas, but particularly as they relate to psychologists who actively collaborate or provide information.

  • Impact of guidelines on non-prescribing practicing psychologists, especially those psychologists who may provide information on medication or discuss medication concerns with patients or their prescribers.

  • Overall importance and relevance of these guidelines.

Comments are due by August 1, 2009.

For further information, contact Mary G. Hardiman, Director of Board Operations, Governance Operations, APA Practice Directorate, (202) 336-5881.