Refund, Pricing and Grievance Policy

No refunds; all sales are final.


Pricing discounts depend on your current-year membership status in both APA and APAPO. APA members who have paid the APAPO membership dues receive the largest discounts on continuing education courses and other products and services.

If you are a licensed psychologist and want to join APA for the first time and pay the APAPO membership dues, please call the membership department toll free at (800) 374-2721. In addition to licensed psychologists, nonlicensed APA members with a doctoral degrees awarded within the last 10 years who are pursuing licensure may join the APA Practice Organization for $25.

Note that it typically takes two to three weeks to review APA membership applications and to post APA dues and APAPO membership dues payments in the financial system.

If you have already renewed your current-year APA membership but have not paid your APAPO membership dues, you can do so by phone; online payment is not available if you have already paid your APA dues. Contact the membership department toll free at (800) 374-2721.

If you have not renewed your current-year APA membership, you can renew your APA membership and pay your APAPO membership dues at the same time online to obtain discounts within one to three business days.

Please carefully note that APA membership and APAPO membership dues discounts depend on posting of your payment in the financial system.  Please allow approximately five business days for payments made by phone. Payments made online are posted within one to three business days.

Problems? Contact the membership department toll free at (800) 374-2721.

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