APA Practice Organization Resources for SPTAs

Note: The following resources are intended solely for use by state, provincial and territorial psychological association (SPTA) executive directors. Any other use requires prior approval from the APA Practice Organization.

State, provincial and territorial psychological associations (SPTAs) are instrumental in helping to spread the word within the psychology practice community about the important work of the APA Practice Organization and the vital need for members to support the Practice Organization by paying the annual membership dues. We have compiled several resources as a continuation of past efforts to aid SPTAs in communicating with their members about the Practice Organization and the membership dues.

Use the premade resources below to communicate with your members about the value of joint membership in your SPTA and the APA Practice Organization.

House Ads for Print or Electronic Publication

There are three versions available, in two sizes each, of a house ad regarding payment of the Practice Organization dues. These can be used by SPTA leadership in print or electronic publications.

Version 1 – Young boy flexing muscles
[4.5’’ x 4.5’’] (PDF, 330KB)
[6.875’’ x 5.5’’] (PDF, 415KB)

Version 2 – Young adults at the gym
[4.5’’ x 4.5’’] (PDF, 401KB)
[6.875’’ x 5.5’’] (PDF, 520KB)

Version 3 – Hands on a tug-of-war rope
[4.5’’ x 4.5’’] (PDF, 322KB)
[6.875’’ x 5.5’’] (PDF, 520KB)

These materials can be used in newsletter articles, executive director or other regular columns in SPTA publications, email list postings and communication with members during meetings and other SPTA events. We ask that any advertisements used in Web-based or print communications be placed at no charge to the Practice Organization.

To help ensure accuracy, Communications staff for the Practice Organization asks interested SPTA leaders to use the material in whole or part without modifying the wording. However, SPTAs are encouraged to add examples of Practice Organization-SPTA collaboration that pertain to your state.

We purposely devised all material to include references to the close collaboration between the APA Practice Organization and SPTAs.

Thanks for your interest.

October 2015