Practice Organization Board of Directors

The Practice Organization Board of Directors manages the affairs of the APA Practice Organization (APAPO). The officers of the Practice Organization Board of Directors are the same individuals who hold the respective offices for the American Psychological Association.

The Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice (CAPP)

CAPP was created by the Practice Organization Board of Directors. According to Practice Organization bylaws (PDF, 33KB), CAPP’s responsibilities are to:

  • Identify, plan and implement projects important to the protection, defense and enhancement of professional practice.
  • Recommend to the Practice Organization Board of Directors the needed funding for such projects.

CAPP 2019 Nomination and Elections Process

Recently the APA Council of Representatives, at its March 2018 meeting, approved the motion to appoint a work group to develop a plan for a possible new integrated C3/C6 membership organization. Given the recent vote by the Council of Representatives, the APAPO Board of Directors approved, based on a recommendation from CAPP, the suspension of the 2019 CAPP nominations and elections cycle. CAPP members discussed a number of options that could be considered if the 2019 CAPP elections would not go forward, and CAPP recommended that the APAPO Board of Directors appoint, for one additional year, those CAPP members who have terms expiring in 2018.

CAPP wishes to acknowledge and thank those interested in being nominated and elected to CAPP. If the council does not pass a new C6 governance structure at its August 2018 meeting, CAPP intends to proceed with a 2019 nomination and election process in the spring of 2019. CAPP encourages all members to continue to seek leadership opportunities in practice-related governance initiatives.

2020 APA Presidential Candidates Answer Questions About Practice

The APA president also serves as president of the APAPO. The five candidates running for 2020 APA president answered two questions from CAPP about the future of professional practice and the APAPO.