Practice Organization members can participate in this new opportunity for engagement, with nominations open through March 28.

"A [person] without a vote is a [person] without protection.” – President Lyndon B. Johnson

Kathleen S. Brown, PhD, chair, CAPPThe Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice (CAPP) needs you. We need the voices and votes of APA Practice Organization members who are interested in advancing and protecting the professional and economic well-being of practicing psychologists. CAPP wants to encourage all Practice Organization members to participate in our new voting process and have your voices heard.

The APA Practice Organization (APAPO) is the only national association working on legislative, legal and marketplace advocacy on behalf of practicing psychologists. CAPP is the governance committee for the Practice Organization and reports to the APAPO Board of Directors.

Now, members have the opportunity to nominate and vote for their leaders. Voting is not a requirement of APA Practice Organization membership, but it is a responsibility. When CAPP became the sole c(6) committee of the Practice Organization, voting for CAPP members became a part of our professional identity as Practice Organization members. It is part of a bigger picture. It is about believing that the will of the Practice Organization membership is now a driving and important factor in the success of advancing professional psychology. It is about creating the future that you want for our organization.

The nomination period opens Feb. 11 and will run through March 28, 2016. Practice Organization members — those who have paid the Practice Organization dues for 2016 — can submit nominations through the CAPP Nominations page for the three available positions on CAPP. Each position has a three-year term that begins Jan. 1, 2017. Members seeking to submit a nomination will need to log in through MyApa to authenticate their membership.

The timeline for the nominations and elections process in 2016 is expected to proceed as follows:

  • In February all Practice Organization practice constituents may begin nominating practice constituents who might serve on CAPP.
  • Once nominations close on March 28, CAPP will review the nominations and propose three slates for review and approval by the Board of Directors at its June meeting. The slates will be proposed to help ensure that CAPP has representation across practice types, settings and sizes, as well as diversity in the practitioners nominated and their geographic location.
  • CAPP member elections will open on Aug. 1 and close Sept. 30. All practice constituents will be eligible to participate in the elections. The actual election will be handled by Survey and Ballot Services Inc., an outside company.

We welcome your feedback about the new nomination and election process. Members with questions or comments are invited to send an email.