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You make our work on behalf of practicing psychologists possible by your annual dues payment and additional generous donations to the APA Practice Organization Annual Fund.

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The APA Practice Organization is the 501 (c-6) companion l membership organization to the APA and is charged with protecting, defending and enhancing professional practice. Since tax laws do not allow the APA, a 501 (c-3) charitable organization, to provide financial support to the Practice Organization, it must generate its own revenue to carry out its important mission.

Your contributions help us to promote and support practicing psychologists by: 

  • Creating tools and information to help you manage and grow your practice.
  • Advocating for your interests in Congress, state legislatures and the courts.
  • Pursuing fair reimbursement for all psychological services.
  • Fighting parity violations and other managed care abuses.
  • Affirming the doctoral standard for entry into the profession.
  • Protecting you from assaults to your scope of practice.

No other organization does more than the Practice Organization to advance our profession and to promote psychologists’ leadership and participation in our nation's health care system. When issues that affect your practice and your patients are debated, the APA Practice Organization ensures that you are represented.

We rely on the donations of committed Practice Organization members like you to undertake the critical activities that keep our profession strong. Dues alone don't get the job done. So help us to support your professional career and speak up for you when it matters most by making a special contribution to the APA Practice Organization now. 

Psychologists who donate $500 or more beyond their Practice Organization dues are included in the Practice Leadership Circle and receive accompanying benefits and privileges.