Public Education & Outreach

index-apapo-outreachGrassroots efforts educate the public about psychology, including public education campaigns, a Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program and a network of volunteers assisting relief workers and disaster survivors.

We coordinate a number of grassroots efforts aimed at educating and providing services to the public, including public education campaigns (PEC), a Psychologically Healthy Workplace awards program and a national network of psychologists who offer volunteer assistance to relief workers and victims after disasters.


The Mind/Body Health public education campaign emphasizes the central role psychologists play at the intersection of psychological and physical health. The Resilience campaign series focuses on helping people build their resilience skills to manage difficult situations and bounce back from adversity. It includes materials and information for adults, kids, teens and military families.

The Public Education Campaign also offers fact sheets for patients, clients and consumers on topics such as:

More fact sheets are avaliable on the Psychology Help Center.

Disaster Resource Network

The APA Disaster Resource Network (DRN) is a group of approximately 2,500 licensed psychologists with training in disaster response who offer volunteer assistance to relief workers and survivors in the aftermath of disasters.

The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program (PHWP)

The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program (PHWP) is a collaborative effort between the American Psychological Association and the APA Practice Organization designed to educate the employer community about the link between employee health and well-being and organizational performance.

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