Member update: October 5, 2010

While you help others, we are here to help you and your colleagues who belong to the APA Practice Organization (APAPO). 

We want to keep you up-to-date about our advocacy initiatives to advance and protect the practice of psychology and to remind you how we can provide personal assistance for your professional needs. This email is the first of two we are sending this month to provide an update for members. You may click on the links below for additional information.

Among our recent advocacy efforts and member services related to marketplace opportunities and challenges for professional psychology, APAPO has been active in the following areas:

  • Providing detailed guidance to members on how to submit claims in the $350 million class action lawsuit settlement involving United Health Care and additional companies. 

  • Communicating with major insurance companies about data from APAPO's nationwide survey of approximately 1,000 members about how these insurers treat patients and psychologists. The feedback is intended to help companies identify factors such as frequency of payment for psychological services and requests for treatment information where improvement may be needed. 

  • Launching our revamped Psychologist Locator, a benefit for practitioners who have paid the Practice Assessment (PA) that supports the work of the APA Practice Organization. Consumers seeking psychological services can search the Locator in a variety of ways. Current PA payers can create or edit their free listing on the Psychologist Locator website.

  • Cultivating professional opportunities outside traditional health care delivery systems. Our Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program offers a wealth of online resources for employers and psychologists who work with them — for example, guidance on best practices for implementing the federal parity law. 

  • Educating members about emerging practice areas such as parenting coordination through Practice Central, the 2010 APA Convention and other sources.

  • Continuing to support state, provincial and territorial psychological associations with Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice grants for initiatives to protect the doctoral degree as the standard for psychologist licensure, advance and defend psychology’s scope of practice and provide appropriate reimbursement for psychological services.

  • Playing an active role in the Coalition for Patients' Rights, which brings together more than 35 nonphysician groups dedicated to fighting scope of practice challenges by organized medicine at the national and state levels.

Here are just a few of the ways we are helping you and other members build and maintain thriving practices and cultivate professional opportunities in the current marketplace: 

  • Responding to toll-free phone calls at (800) 374-2723, and e-mail from members about practice management and marketing. We help psychologists along the full continuum of career development, from starting to closing a practice. Practice Central includes more than 100 businesses of practice articles for APAPO members. One section of the site includes resources to meet the needs of early career psychologists.

  • Keeping you informed about significant health care marketplace trends and helping you adapt to changes in health services delivery such as telehealth and electronic record keeping through our award-winning Good Practice magazine and Practice Update e-newsletter. 

  • Offering courses with continuing education credit at Practice Central about managing, marketing and building your practice, evidence-based practice and HIPAA compliance.

These activities — and many more — would not be possible without support from the Practice Assessment, which sustains the APA Practice Organization’s advocacy efforts on behalf of the psychology practice community. Later this month, you will receive an e-mail that features our recent legislative and regulatory advocacy work.

Please e-mail us with your questions or suggestions. Remember, the APA Practice Organization is here for you!