Revised guidelines address child custody evaluations

The guidelines distinguish between forensic evaluations and psychotherapy, discuss the "best interests of the child" standard and address developments in family law.

APA Practice Organization becomes involved in class action litigation

Consumers and providers allege that large health insurers used a flawed database to suppress the "usual, customary and reasonable" rates for out-of-network services.

Call for comments on proposed pharmacological guidelines

The proposed guidelines will be a resource on pharmacotherapy for psychologists as prescribers, in active collaboration or when providing information on medication.

Congress combines Medicare and health care reform

APA advocacy focused on amending the Medicare definition of physician, restoring rates and psychologist reimbursement, ensuring wellness includes mental health, and including mental health parity.

Medicare administrative contractors require additional data to verify identity

Providers and staff who call Medicare will have to provide their National Provider Identification number, the last five digits of the provider's tax identification number and the Provider Transaction Access Number.

More pointers on working with local journalists

Tips for contacting your local media with information about mental health parity.

Hundreds of psychology leaders call on Congress

Psychology advocates called on Congress to extend restoration of Medicare outpatient mental health reimbursement cut, add psychologists to the Medicare "physician" definition and pass health reform that integrates psychological services.

Guidance for psychologists on "Red Flag Rules" compliance

Practitioners will have to comply with this rule if they are considered "creditors" because they bill patients later or regularly allow their patients to defer payment for services.

Research roundup

Responses to medication and cognitive therapy, pregnancy and depression, and a theory of suicidal behavior.

FTC delays Red Flags Rule enforcement until August 1

The Federal Trade Commission will delay enforcement in order to give creditors and practitioners additional time to develop written identity theft programs.

Veterans Affairs psychology leadership conference highlights VA health care

Topics included homelessness, traumatic brain injury, posttraumatic stress disorder and the Uniform Mental Services Health Plan.