Client resources: In the aftermath of school violence

by Public Relations and Communications Staff

October 3, 2006 — Recent shootings and other violent activities at schools in several states have sparked widespread media coverage.

Practitioners throughout the country undoubtedly are helping clients of all ages deal with their fears, concerns and other reactions to these tragic events. Some adults may recall traumatic events from their own past, such as being the victims of abuse or other violence. The shootings may jeopardize children’s feelings of safety and make them fearful of going to school. Parents and guardians want to know what role they should play in helping their children deal with these stressful times.

The online APA Help Center is now featuring several resources designed to help those dealing with the aftermath of the recent school-based violence. You may wish to direct your clients and others as appropriate to this major component of APA’s public education campaign.

Visit the APA Help Center to find the following materials:

  • Warning Signs of Youth Violence

  • Mind/Body Health: The Effects of Traumatic Stress

  • Resilience Guide for Parents and Teachers

  • Communications Tips for Parents

  • Managing Traumatic Stress: Tips for Recovering from Disasters and Other Traumatic Events