Model Act for State Licensure of Psychologists

As APA policy, the Model Act serves as a prototype for drafting state legislation regulating the practice of psychology. State legislatures are encouraged to use the language of this document and the policies that it espouses as the model for their own state licensure law. Inevitably each state law will reflect compromises and changes particular to that state, but the APA Model Act is meant to serve as a guide for those involved in the drafting process. State licensing boards must develop their own rules and regulations to supplement the legislation proposed here. This document also serves to educate legislatures about psychology training and practice and serves to synthesize APA policies that bear on the education, training and practice of professional psychology.


Council Policy Manual

The Council Policy Manual is a collection of policy actions taken by the APA Council of Representatives. Council actions are listed in chronological order with the earliest dated policies coming first. For more information, visit the Council Policy Manual table of contents.