PEP Performance by Postdoctoral Psychopharmacology Training Programs 2000-2014

APA Practice Organization and Professional Examination Service

This report includes the performance of candidates who have completed postdoctoral psychopharmacology training programs and have taken the Psychopharmacology Examination for Psychologists, An Examination for Practitioners (PEP). The listing of postdoctoral psychopharmacology training programs is accompanied by statistical information for examinations taken January, 2000 through December, 2014. The information includes the number of tests taken by graduates from each program, the mean and standard deviation for the overall scores, and the mean scores for each of the ten knowledge areas. Programs with less than three graduates taking the PEP are not included to maintain candidate confidentiality.

This document will prove useful to postdoctoral psychopharmacology training programs and to practicing psychologists considering training.

The PEP - Advancing Prescriptive Authority

by Patricia M. Bricklin, PhD

Presentation at the Second International Congress on Licensure, Certification, and Credentialing of Psychologists — July, 2000

The Development of a Credentialing Program in Psychopharmacology