PEP Exam Content

by College of Professional Psychology

The knowledge sampled by the PEP is organized into 11 knowledge-based content areas with associated definitions and knowledge statements. All 11 content areas are represented on each form of the examination according to the percentages indicated after the title for the area. For example, 12 percent of the items (18 items out of the 150) are drawn from content area 1, 8 percent from content area 2 (12 items out of the 150), etc.

Percentages are established as a result of a practice analysis and reflect the relative importance of each category for safe and effective practice as well as the amount of knowledge each category contains. Please bear in mind that the PEP samples from the knowledge-based content areas. Thus, not every knowledge statement, nor each and every possible aspect of any specific content area, may be represented in a given examination form.