Psychopharmacology Examination for Psychologists Application

by College of Professional Psychology

The PEP is administered on computer at Prometric Technology Centers where stringent security is assured. Psychologists who are admitted to the PEP will have four months in which to schedule and take the examination. At the conclusion of the testing session, examinees will receive a printed report of their overall performance, as well as their performance in each of the knowledge-based content areas assessed by the examination. Within several weeks of testing, examinees will receive information from the College about how their overall score compares to the "recommended passing score," a score the College will recommend to state and provincial licensing authorities that accept the PEP for use in conferring prescriptive authority.

Requirements for Admission to the PEP

by College of Professional Psychology

The following four requirements must be met for admission to the PEP:

  • Doctoral degree in psychology

  • Provision of health services in psychology

  • Current psychology license in good standing to engage in the independent practice of psychology

  • Successful completion of a postdoctoral program of education in an organized program of intensive didactic instruction

The program of education must be offered by a regionally accredited institution of higher learning, one of the American Psychological Association's approved sponsors of continuing education, or an organization that is approved to provide continuing education by a state or provincial psychology licensing authority.

The program of education must consist of a minimum of 300 contact hours in the following core areas of instruction: neurosciences, pharmacology and psychopharmacology, physiology and pathophysiology, physical and laboratory assessment, and clinical pharmacotherapeutics.