State Leadership Conference Tips from the Committee of State Leaders

  • You will receive the final SLC program when you pick up your nametag and conference bag at the SLC registration desk, which will open at 9:45 a.m. on the first day of the conference, Saturday, March 14. You can read the preliminary program (PDF, 691KB) now. Your conference bag will also contain other very important information that we encourage you to read.  
  • Since it is impossible to attend every workshop yourself, sit down with your SPTA delegation and decide who will attend what. If you are with a very small group, decide what information is critical to your SPTA and prioritize that way. 
  • For the Hill visits — staff will hold preparation briefings so that you can get a sense of what your visit will be like and what is expected of you; these briefings will also help you to understand the issues for which you will be advocating. Check with your executive director to confirm you are included in the Hill visits. Schedules for the visits should be submitted to the Hill Appointment Scheduling Portal, with questions sent to Chad Appel. 
  • If you did not indicate any special dietary needs when you registered for the conference, please contact Susie Lazaroff by Monday, March 2, so that she can inform the hotel. 
  • Weather in March in Washington, D.C. is unpredictable — it could be surprisingly warm but it could also be snowing, raining or very cold. Make sure to bring an umbrella and raincoat in case it is cold and rainy on the day of the Hill visits when you will be doing a lot of walking outside (and bring comfortable shoes for that day as well). We also recommend checking the weather conditions before you pack. 

APA Practice staff is available throughout the conference — they will be wearing white “staff” ribbons. If you have any questions about the conference, please contact  Lisa Rocchio, chair, Committee of State Leaders, Dan Abrahamson, PhD, assistant executive director, State Advocacy or Susie Lazaroff, director, State Advocacy.