State Leadership Conference Themes

2014: Creating Roadmaps for Practice

2013:  Countdown to Health Care Reform

2012: Bringing Psychology to the Table

2011: Building a Leadership Culture

2010: The Power of Advocacy

2009: With Challenge Comes Opportunity

2008: Leading Change: Advocating for Psychology Practice

2007: Positioning for Change: Expanding Psychology’s Roles, Influence and Value

2006: Psychology and Communities: Advancing Health, Building Resilience and Changing Behavior

2005: Health and Behavior: Taking Psychology Back to the Future

2004: Strategic Resilience for the Profession: Getting a Jump on Change

2003: Leading Psychology Forward: Staying the Course in Uncertain Times

2002: Psychology on the Front Line: Strengthening Resilience in Our Communities

2001: Launching the APA Practice Organization: Expanding the Power of Psychology

2000: Partnerships for Power: States, Provinces, and APA Working Together

1999: Networking in Action: Advancing Health Care Through Psychology

1998: Organizational Leadership and Citizenship: Working Together For Those We Serve

1997: Countdown 2000: Building Strategic Partnerships

1996: Psychology and Community: Creating Connections for Health

1995: Empowering Psychologists: Striking a Balance In a Changing Health Care Environment

1994: State and National Health Reform: Shaping the Process, Charting the Future

1993: Psychology & National Health Reform: Salvation or Armageddon?

1992: Managing Managed Care

1991: Integrated Advocacy

1990: Serving the Underserved: Psychological Care for the 90's

1989: Communication and Collaboration in Times of Crisis and Growth