State Leadership Conference 2012

Bringing Psychology to the Table 

Bringing Psychology to the Table

The theme of the 2012 SLC recognized the critical role of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in guiding the implementation of health care reform and its ability to shape the professional landscape for psychology as a health care profession. Despite uncertainty about the ultimate impact of the federal law, too much is at stake to risk anything less than our profession’s full involvement in shaping the implementation of health care reform.

Much of the work will occur at the state and local level over the next two years. Unless psychology has a place at the table as these new systems are being designed, we run the risk of being marginalized as ancillary providers. We must be present and engaged so that our expertise is fully reflected in the future U.S. health care delivery system.

Program sessions during the conference covered a range of topics including the current state of health care reform, Medicaid, innovative practice models, parity implementation and electronic health records.


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