State Leadership Conference

March 14-17, 2015 ǀ Washington, D.C.

About SLC

As psychologists we know a thing or two about change. It involves giving up old ways and embracing new approaches to accomplishing our goals. In a world where technology is so omnipresent and health care spending and delivery are under so much pressure, psychologists need to be able to track and evaluate the innovations that are becoming part of their practices.

So how can psychologists harness these innovations to improve the quality of their services and comply with evolving regulations? Can psychologists attain greater satisfaction and more control of their professional destinies by embracing innovation? And what is needed to achieve effective innovation? These questions and more were at the heart of State Leadership Conference (SLC) in 2015, which — as evidenced by its theme, "Practice Innovation" — examined how the evolving landscape of health care delivery and financing is driving the demand for practice innovation.

The Affordable Care Act has opened the door to a range of alternative practice models. Accountable care organizations, health care homes, and an array of integrated care practice models are rapidly evolving and offering new and refined opportunities for psychologists. Technology, including telehealth services, online practice management, and electronic health records are changing the way many psychologists structure their practices. The growth of clinical practice guidelines, evidence-based practice models, and quality reporting systems have challenged psychologists’ thinking about psychological services. And policy developments related to diagnostic classification, billing codes and security requirements are leading to confusion and uncertainty for many of our colleagues.

Program sessions during the conference covered a range of topics including topics including innovations in integrated care, issues pertaining to Medicare and Medicaid, reimbursement and CPT codes, insurance advocacy and colleague assistance.

SLC Wrap-Up

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