Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016

Opening Session
Early Career Psychologists Orientation

Sunday, Feb. 28

Drilling Down to the Practical Details and Relevance of Large Alternative Practice Models
Thriving in Independent Practice – Innovative Tools and Tips for Success
Challenges to Psychological Assessment: Scope of Practice and Procedures
Joint FAC and PEC Workshop: Using Public Education to Advance Professional Psychology’s Advocacy Agenda
Expecting the Unexpected – How Leaders Build Strong SPTAs
Serving the Unserved Under ACA: Making Reform a Reality for Diverse Patients
Featured Presentation: Working with Insurers to Foster Better Care and Demonstrate the Value of Psychology

Monday, Feb. 29

Jump into New Models with a Good Parachute: Risk Management, Antitrust and Other Legal Issues for Alternative Practice Models
  The Argument for Psychologists’ Participation in Medicaid
  Getting Real: Clinical Practice Guidelines in Action
  Medicare: Finding Your Way Through the Maze
  APAPO-PAC: Discovering Your Advocacy Influence
  Special Government Relations Issue Briefing and Congressional Visit Rehearsal
  Plenary Session with the APA President