March 4-7, 2017 | Washington, D.C.

About PLC

The Practice Organization's annual leadership conference bears a different name for 2017 — "Practice Leadership Conference" instead of "State Leadership Conference." But its purpose remains the same: to advocate for psychology and bring that message to Capitol Hill. 

The theme of the 2016 State Leadership Conference (SLC), “Expanding the Practice Spectrum,” focused on the skills and advocacy needed to support a range of practice models. From traditional private practice to managed care organizations or institutional and organizational settings, psychologists have a multitude of possibilities for practice. Each of these contexts presents unique opportunities and challenges brought about by policy, technology and clinical innovation.

The SLC theme grew out of a May 2015 Multistate Summit on Delineating Alternative Practice, Legal and Financial Models for Integration, sponsored by the APA Practice Organization and several state psychological associations. That summit was designed to help interested psychologists learn the nuts and bolts of getting involved in, working with and developing systems that promote integrated mental and physical health services delivery. It featured panels of experts that included psychologists, neuropsychologists, physicians, risk managers, lawyers and insurers.