2013 Medicare payment formula advocacy agenda

The APA Practice Organization (APAPO) is advocating on both the regulatory and legislative fronts to gain necessary changes to the Medicare payment formula. Under the current payment formula, psychologists are being penalized by a system that increasingly favors services involving higher costs for equipment and supplies.

In addition to talking and meeting with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Government Relations lobbyists and other APAPO representatives continue to work with key members and committees of Congress in anticipation of needing a legislative remedy. 

Major elements of our ongoing advocacy include:

  • Gaining meetings with top CMS officials, most recently another meeting with Jonathan Blum, deputy administrator of CMS.
  • Submitting formal comments to CMS in early September in response to the proposed Medicare fee schedule rule for 2014.
  • Securing regular meetings of APAPO lobbyists with key congressional health care committee members and staff. 
  • Emphasizing Medicare payment issues in meetings during APAPO-PAC events. 
  • Collaborating with Medicare payment experts to explore ways the formula could be modified slightly to ensure more appropriate reimbursement for psychologists.
  • Providing extensive input to congressional committee deliberations in response to invitations by key House and Senate committees now considering Medicare payment reforms. 
  • Convening meetings of grassroots psychologists from throughout the U.S. with their elected officials on Capitol Hill about the need for Medicare payment reform. A record 330 visits to Capitol Hill took place during APAPO's March 2013 State Leadership Conference.

Look for regular updates about Medicare payment for 2014 in future issues of the PracticeUpdate e-newsletter, and in the Medicare Reimbursement and Access section of our Practice Central website.